I love Linked-in ,but never really realized how well it can help and promote your career. I watched big puritan of the 45 min video http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/new-linkedin-profiles-this-week-in-social-media/

They are really making some big changes that will greatly improve the ability and simplicity of Linked-in. I also feel  that Linked-in is only going to get bigger and have a bigger impact on hiring and progressing in your career. This is going to help a lot with Playmill casting. After talking with the owners we are now going to require a linked-in application sent to our linked-in. this will be better then any resume and have even better information. We will also be able to grow our network better and faster.


  • Use linked-in for applications
  • Keep people informed about your business
  • Very important way to progress in my own personal career.